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5SM3 Residual Current Circuit Breaker

5SM3 Residual Current Circuit Breaker is used in all systems up to 240/415VAC, devices of type AC trip in the event of sinusoidal AC residual currents, type A also trips in the event of pulsating DC residual currents with the following befenits:
●Instantaneous RCCBs with N connection on the left-hand side enable simple bus mounting with standard pin busbars with miniature circuit breakers installed on the right-hand side;
●Instantaneous RCCBs with N connection on the right-hand side can be bus-mounted with miniature circuit breakers using a simple pin busbar;

Products Specifications:

Data of 5SM3 Residual Current Circuit Breaker

RCCB, 5SM3, 2P/4P


Super Resistant



IEC/EN61008-1, IEC/EN61008-2-1

Type A with current waveform 8/20μs

According to EN 60060-2





Minimum operational voltage test function operation, VAC


Insulation coordination/Over voltage category

Pollution degree


Main connection

Top or bottom

Mounting position, on a standard mounting rail


Degree of protection

According to IEC60529


Touch protection

According to IEC50274

Finger and back-of-hand safe

Ambient temperature

-25 to +45℃

Side views of 5SM3 Residual Current Circuit Breakers

views of 5sm3.jpg

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