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5SM3 Residual Current Circuit Breaker

5SM3 Residual Current Circuit Breaker is used in all systems up to 240/415VAC, devices of type AC trip in the event of sinusoidal AC residual currents, type A also trips in the event of pulsating DC residual currents with the following befenits:
●Instantaneous RCCBs with N connection on the left-hand side enable simple bus mounting with standard pin busbars with miniature circuit breakers installed on the right-hand side;
●Instantaneous RCCBs with N connection on the right-hand side can be bus-mounted with miniature circuit breakers using a simple pin busbar;
5SM3 series are the newest generation of residual current circuit breaker designed and developed by Siemens company.
Siemens products have the top quality of the similar items in the world, but we can offer such circuit breakers with stable quality and competitive prices.

Products Specifications:

Data of 5SM3 Residual Current Circuit Breaker

RCCB, 5SM3, 2P/4P


Super Resistant



IEC/EN61008-1, IEC/EN61008-2-1

Type A with current waveform 8/20μs

According to EN 60060-2





Minimum operational voltage test function operation, VAC


Insulation coordination/Over voltage category

Pollution degree


Main connection

Top or bottom

Mounting position, on a standard mounting rail


Degree of protection

According to IEC60529


Touch protection

According to IEC50274

Finger and back-of-hand safe

Ambient temperature

-25 to +45℃

Side views of 5SM3 Residual Current Circuit Breakers

views of 5sm3.jpg

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