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SH200 Interruttore

A range designed to ensure efficiency and protection
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●Short circuit: a rapid and intense over current situation that causes the ampacity of the circuit to increase, this type of event is characterized by a dramatic incease in the load on the circuit and is interrupted by the magnetic trip unit of the breaker;
●Overload: a slow and small over current situation that causes the ampacity and temperature of the circuit to gradually increase on time, this type of event is characterized by a slight increase in the load on the breaker and is interrupted by the thermal trip unit of the breaker;

Products Specifications:


Current limiting definitions

SH201 Miniature Circuit Breaker is UL tested and certified as current limiting protective device, and provides a high level of circuit protection than a typical zero point external breaker.

UL breaker current limiting

UL defines breaker current limiatation as a breaker that interrupts and isolates a fault in less than 1/2 of an AC cycle, 1/2 a cycle is completed in 8.3 miliseconds.

IEC 60947-2 current limiting circuit breaker

A circuit breaker with sufficiently short trip time to prevent short circuit from reaching the peak value which would other be reached.

SH200 Interruttore Mechanical Features


SH 200 T

SH 200 L

SH 200


Black sealable in On-Off position

Mechanical life


Electrical life


Protection degree





Mechanical shock resistance

30g/2 shocks/duration 11ms

Resistance to vibration according to IEC/EN 60660-2-6

5g/20 cycles at fre 5-150Hz

Tropical according to IEC/EN 60068-2

Humid heat


28 cycles with 55/95 to 100

Constant climatic conditions


23/28, 40/93, 55/20

Variable climatic conditions


25/95, 40/95

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