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iDPN Miniature Circuit Breaker

iDPN Miniature Circuit Breakers are used in low voltage final distribution with the following applications.
●Protection by MCB in all industrial and commercial buildings;
●Protection of motor circuits;
●Protection of people and property by super-immune earth leakage Residual Current Devices (RCDs);
●Protection by surge arresters against overvoltages of atmospheric origin;
●Control of power and control circuits by contactors and impulse relays;
●Remote control of circuits by remote controls associated with Miniature Circuit-Breaker;

Products Specifications:

Features of iDPN Miniature Circuit Breaker

It is designed for protection against short circuit and overload current, for the control and distribution of final distribution circuits in sevice sector, agricultural and industrial applications, in TT earthing system or with multiple earthed neutral requiring cutoff its protective devices:

■Remote control and protection of circuits by integrated control circuit breakers;

■Programming, regulation, signalling etc;

Specification and Coding of iDPN Miniature Circuit Breaker

Rating, In6A10A16A20A25A32A
B CurveA9N17516A9N17517A9N17519A9N17520A9N17521A9N17522
C CurveA9N21555A9N21556A9N21558A9N21559A9N21560A9N21562

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