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PLS6 Miniature Circuit Breaker

PLS series Miniature Circuit Breakers have so many different specifications such as PLS4, PLS6 and PLSM based on their different breaking capacities as 4.5kA, 6.0kA and 10kA with one unique frame size.
These MCBs are developed so carefully due to compact sizes, stable quality that they have shared so much sales scale in international markets, especially in South-east Asia, Middle and East Europe and South America.
●B Type: (3-5)xIn;
●C Type: (5-10)xIn;
●D Type: (10-15)xIn;
●Quantity of Poles: 1P, 2P, 3P and 4P;

Products Specifications:

Side views of PLS6 Miniature Circuit Breakers


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